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Misinformation – Ivermectin, the Media, and the Medical Profession

Ivermectin, even saying the name is likely to have you labeled a conspiracy theorist, anti-vaxxer, or worse these days, but does Ivermectin deserve the negative reputation it’s been given by the medical profession and media? Labeled a horse dewormer by mainstream media, Ivermectin is, in fact, one of the most misrepresented drugs of the pandemic. […]

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Spain slams UK, Germany for advising tourists to stay away

With advisories piling up on top of a quarantine order from Britain for returning travellers, Spain, which depends on summer visits by sun-seeking northern Europeans, is facing a major blow to any hopes of reviving its economy. 

Google bans ads on coronavirus conspiracy theory content

The world’s largest search engine updated its policy as the health crisis has continued to rage throughout the United States, and digital advertising giants like Google and Facebook Inc have faced calls to do more to clamp down on misinformation. 

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